Sam Fidler

As a 25 year veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces, Sam Fidler has taught firearms in Thailand, the Philippines, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He has taught for the US Army Special Forces, the US State Department, and locally for private citizens. He is well practiced in the latest tactics and techniques. His ability to teach has been proven repeatedly as he has helped countless novice and intermediate shooters become expert marksmen.

Sam is a graduate of the U.S. State Department’s Basic Field Firearms Officer’s Course (BFFOC) and the U.S. Army Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat course (SFAUC).

The Palladium Academy

The Palladium Academy courses are taught by retired Special Forces and veteran soldiers with real experience teaching the latest battle proven techniques around the world. With a student to instructor ratio of no more than 4 to 1, you can count on enough instructor attention to ensure your form and performance will be exactly what you need to maximize your shooting skills. Our primary objective is to provide you with the tools needed to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We do not mass produce students just to take your money.

The Basic Defensive Pistol class provides the student with the mind and body tools to survive in life threatening situations. It begins with a discussion of the physiological effects experienced during dangerous events and then we teach the basic fundamentals of combat pistol marksmanship that work in those situations. Reloads are taught along with clearing malfunctions. We also teach many drills that you can practice on your own during future range sessions in order to help you reinforce the fundamentals of good pistol marksmanship. By the end of this course you should be intimately familiar with your firearm and have the tools necessary to make future improvements.

Become one with your rifle. The Tactical Rifle class starts with the basics and gradually progresses leaving the student intimately familiar with the capabilities and features of their rifle. We cover the fundamentals of marksmanship, reloads, malfunctions, a 360 by 180 battle space, shooting from cover, and while moving. This class is designed for the external magazine fed semi-automatic rifle of your choice.

You could waste thousands of dollars traveling out of state just to receive substandard training on antiquated techniques and tactics that will fail you when you need them most. Our extremely low introductory prices mean we are practically giving you our experience for free. Sign up now before we come to our senses.