The Palladium Academy offers a variety of options designed to improve your shooting skills and each course is tailored to your specific needs. My courses are designed in blocks to give you the opportunity to select what you need without wasting time on subjects you don’t need.

The blocks are listed in the most proficient order for learning but some at the same course level may be taken in a different order or omitted based on your experience. An extensive knowledge of level 100 topics is essential before taking 200 courses and the same applies for 300 courses.

TPA does not currently teach concealed carry classes and does not have any current plans to teach it in the future. I focus on the skills you need after acquiring your CFP. If you want your Utah CFP then I will gladly recommend a quality instructor that is not only familiar with current laws but actively influences gun legislation in the Utah Legislature. I know several.

Brows through the topic below and let me know what you want.

101 The Basics

The Basics is a general introduction into firearms for defense. It covers safety, quality equipment, developing a defensive mindset, and safe handling of a firearm. There is no shooting involved in this block.

102 The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals teaches proper form for fighting with a firearm. It is the basic foundation for every other course and includes everything from stance to reloading. This block is available in pistol and rifle variations.

103 Malfunctions

Malfunctions are the most overlooked aspect of shooting. The NRA method of placing the gun on the bench and waiting 30 seconds is not recommended in a defensive encounter so this block reinforces what you need to do when your mind just wants to say, Oh $@%&!

104 Drills for Proficiency

Drills for Proficiency teaches multiple shooting drills to not only improve proficiency but also to ensure effective mitigation of the threat.

105 Low Light Shooting

Low Light Shooting teaches multiple methods of holding and using flashlights to properly identify your target.

201 Shooting while Moving

Don’t just stand there! This is why I teach a specific stance in The Fundamentals. Take everything you learned before and put it in motion.

202 Using Cover

Using Cover teaches how to make the most of various type of cover allowing you to expose as little as possible while still effectively returning fire.

301 Room Clearing

All the fun and excitement until you realize how dangerous it really is. Learn various methods of clearing rooms as an individual and in a teams.

302 Home Defense

Home Defense is a personal and individual assessment of your home where we make a plan to defend your home and family.